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Teatro San Diego exists to provide world-class training in the performing arts to the under-served communities of San Diego and to curate productions that represent the city's actual population. It aims to introduce high caliber theatre, dance, music, and film into every part of the city, specifically the under-represented southern and eastern counties of San Diego.


Resilient to the conditions set forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, these students excelled in adapting and performing exceptionally quickly. Remarkably, the students learned all of the choreography in 4 zoom sessions and one in-person rehearsal.

Songs For A New World is a series of songs with the common theme of making a decision. Each song and performer in this production will represent forms of social injustice in America such as Feminism, White Privilege, Gender Equality & Racial Justice.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic a young group of BIPOC artists came together to incorporate a nonprofit in San Diego, California. Inspired by the United States civil rights movement of the summer of 2020, Teatro San Diego was created.

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We are excited to be partnering with the McGill School of Success to teach a musical theatre summer camp this July! Thank you to principal Norma Sandoval for believing in our vision and advocating for arts education! Led by Ryan Burtanog, we will be teaching and setting Madagascar Jr. on the students! Annabell Walker will be assisting with choreography and Reiko Huffman will consult and guide students in scenic design.

Kevin "Blax" Burroughs will helm the production as director and lighting designer. Blax's creative vision will center the show in social justice themes including Racial Justice, Feminism, Gender Equality and White Privilege. Streaming August 8-15, the show will be performed and recorded in Chula Vista at On Stage Playhouse. Tickets will go on sale later in July.