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Book, Lyrics, & Music: Joey Contreras

Presented by Teatro San Diego - San Diego, CA


Director/Choreographer: Kevin 'Blax' Burroughs

Music Director: Benjamin Goniea

Casting Director: Sarah Marie Hernandez


Audition Dates

Video Submission deadline: July 7th, 2024 by 11:59PM PT

Callbacks: No callbacks are planned, we will contact you as needed


Non-Union Production

Compensation: $1000 stipend

Age Minimum: N/A

**Notes: Housing & travel is not provided. By submitting you are agreeing to provide your own housing and transportation to and from San Diego, CA for the duration of the contract.

**This is not a Diversionary Theatre production, though they are proud to host this guest production!

Contract Dates: 7/15/24-8/11/24


Rehearsals: July 15th-August 8th

Rehearsal Venue: Mounarath Powell (MP) Dance (formerly Visionary Dance Theatre)

8677 La Mesa Blvd La Mesa, CA 91942

Load-in/Tech: August 2nd-August 8th


Performances: August 8th-11th, 2024 at Diversionary Theatre

4545 Park Blvd #101, San Diego, CA 92116

  • Thurs, 8/8/24 (7pm) - Preview

  • Fri, 8/9/24 (7pm) - Opening

  • Sat, on 8/10/24 (2pm & 7pm)

  • Sun, on 8/11/24 (2pm & 7pm)

Audition Preparation

Please make sure you've read this full audition breakdown in its entirety prior to submitting


Seeking strong contemporary/pop singers of all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, gender expressions, sexualities, abilities, and body types. BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists are especially encouraged to submit! Please prepare an approx 1min pop/rock song to music showcasing storytelling and range. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.


Video Submission deadline: July 7th, 2024 by 11:59PM PT

Callbacks: No callbacks are planned, we will contact you as needed

Send materials to by July 7th, 2024 at 11:59PM PT


Include the following in your email:

  1. Subject Line: [Full Name] - In Pieces 2024

  2. Headshot (JPEG or PNG only)

  3. Resume (PDF only)

    • Make sure your resume includes your email & phone number

  4. List of known conflicts 

  5. Unlisted YOUTUBE link to your song

    • **Only unlisted Youtube links will be accepted

  6. Optional: Additional performance reels

Taping Instructions: Please film horizontally in a well-lit space with limited distractions.


**Note from casting: Please ensure all your files are labeled with your first & last name and that your video link works.

Questions? Email Sarah Marie Hernandez at

or DM us on Instagram @TeatroSanDiego

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 4.08.34 PM.png

In Pieces Synopsis

In Pieces reflects on the romantic journeys of eight individuals, as they share, ponder and look back on the chosen paths and partners along the way. Set in NYC, there's the scary excitement of being vulnerable and saying yes to whatever adventure is ahead. The magical first kiss. An unlikely friendship. Well-kept secrets. The monotony. The rebound. An awkward reunion on the 1 train. And the honest conversations of deserving more. All these pieces of a life that at times connect and disconnect, but once at a distance, come together to create a universal remembrance of what it's like to be young and learning in love.


Character Breakdown

ALEX - She/Her or They/Them; A little jaded, a little hopeful. Finds herself/themself following familiar patterns with the one guy all of her/their friends have been with. Alex's memories take place at 26 and 27 years old. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

JAEL - She/Her or They/Them; Quirky and fun, ultimately doesn't mind casual sex, but now feels like she/they are playing catchup after a devastating breakup. Jael's memories take place at 18 and 25 years old. Sings "My Simple Request" & "Another New York Love Story".

RIVER - She/Her, A working actress, an old soul, and good humored. As she embarks on an unexpected and fun new relationship, she also confronts unfinished emotional baggage from her past. River's memories take place at 30 and 31 years old. Sings "Young Kind of Love", "Like You Don't Miss Me", & "With Him".

SAM - She/Her, Driven and successful in her career, but less so with love. The kind of girl who wants it all. We see her relationship with HUNTER at its best and its rockiest. Finding her footing with her emotions, her needs and how that all aligns in her romantic life. Sam's memories take place at 25, 29, and 34 years old. Sings "Waiting For More", "Like You Don't Miss Me", & "I Could Fall". 

GREY - He/Him; The "popular" guy who has grown up feeling an immense amount of pressure and expectation. A natural flirt and effortlessly likable. Budding musician. Closeted in his younger years, he fears what people might think if they knew he was gay. This noise in his head manifests in self-destructive behavior and ultimately affects his relationship with CHARLIE. Grey's memories take place at 17, 20, and 28 years old. Sings "Love Wildly", "This Is Not Me", & "Great, Cool".

CHARLIE - He/Him; A bit of a wallflower, a bit of a loner, until one day he is asked to tutor GREY in computer science and finds himself in a new social circle with his first life-changing relationship. Very comfortable with who he is and his sexuality, even at his most awkward. His own brand of "cool" - not a two-dimensional "nerd". Charlie's memories take place at 16, 18, and 27 years old. Sings "Me & Mr. Popularity", "Love Wildly", "Ohio", & "Great, Cool".

HUNTER - He/Him; Likable, stubborn, a bit of an eternal bachelor at heart, but wanting to grow up a little more. We experience the highs and lows in his relationship with SAM and how that journey may be complicated and twisty, but still lead to a happy ending. Hunter's memories take place at 23, 27, and 32 years old. Sings "Get Up and Go" & "I Could Fall". 

AUSTYN - He/Him or They/Them; Selfless, almost to a fault. A bartender who is finding his/their voice and trying to feel more confident and build meaningful connections. Austyn's memories take place at different months in his/their late 20's. Sings "Unsaid", "Love Me, Love Me Not", & "In Pieces".


Each role has designated pronouns that align with the text of the show and are meant to be inclusive of various gender expression & identity, as long as the required vocal demands are met. 

The creator of this show strongly encourages diversifying casting to ensure LGBTQ+ and BIPOC representation. 

For questions about upcoming opportunities email
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