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Open Adult/Teen Movement Improv 

Fridays 6:00pm-7:00pm PT

(Classes run weekly throughout October-December, student may join at any session.)


This class will explore the creativity of movement by utilizing the principles of improvisational theatre. Class will focus on theatre games, improvisation skills, and ensemble building for students to ultimately create a devised piece. Through the implementation of improv techniques, individuals can build trust and connection. Once this has been established, we will explore how movement can heighten this relationship within a group as well as within each individual.


This class is open to both teens and adults, must be 16 to join. Some exceptions considered, email with any questions!

Katie Walker (She/Her/Hers)

Katie is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara where she studied theatre for community application. While in school, she developed her own theatre Improv troupe that put on weekly shows to engage the community. From that background, Katie soon became a leader in devised theatre and improv work as the artist director of City at Peace, a non-profit in the Santa Barbara community that used theatre to engage students struggling with making connections. An avid theatre practitioner she has worked alongside several movement based improv groups such as the Boxtales theatre company which does acro-based devised theatre performance. 

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